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Know Before You Go

General Theatre Etiquette and Information 

Live theatre is a very special form of entertainment.  One we certainly celebrate here at AMT!

Since it is much different than the movie theatres and at home streaming we are used to, here are a few pointers to make the experience enjoyable for you and fellow theatre goers.

 Know the Show

While we encourage experiencing something new and broadening your horizons, make sure the show is appropriate for you.  We post a synopsis of the show as well as its rating to help you determine if it is your cup of tea.  Certain subject matter can be crude or taboo, do a little homework before you surprise your co-worker with tickets.

Get your Tickets

Tickets can be purchased for any AMT show via our website or at the Box Office of the Flickinger Center for Performing Arts.  AMT opens the Box office for ticket Sales ONE HOUR prior to show time. Tickets are all $12 and are all General Admission (SEATING IS NOT ASSIGNED)

Arrive on time, or better yet, EARLY!

The curtain opens, the performers begins and people wander the aisles trying to find a seat. Not only is this annoying to those already seated, it can also cause a distraction for actors and crew. Get to the theater early enough to get your concession, visit the restrooms and find your seat. We open the Lobby ONE HOUR prior to curtain and ticketholders may enter the theatre ONE HALF HOUR prior to curtain to allow plenty of time for you to find your seat and get settled in.

Leave the Dialogue to the Performers

Please don't talk with your neighbor as even whispering can cause a distraction.  And please turn off or silence electronic devices.  If you absolutley must take a call, find an appropriate time to get up and take the call out in the lobby. Should you be accompanied by a small child that becomes upset during the performance, there is a cry room located at the back of the mezzanine.  

Read the Playbill

We are an all volunteer community theatre and have several folks playing many roles.  We work hard to put on a worthy production and hope you take the time to see how we make that happen for you.

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